Born in 1997, in Guimarães, Portugal.


1st year MA inProduction and Artistic Research

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona , SP


BA inFine Arts - Painting

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, PT




The reason or subject that raises my curiosity the most is the deconstruction of the process of understanding. This process of seeking the core of the questions, owing to its probable impossibility, it often becomes obsessive and consequently [too] prolonged over time.

It is then inevitable that the work I develop is a materialization of a personal perspective, a catalogue of people, moments, memories, based on my affections. In this cosmology, my understanding is not through images, nor through words, but through my spectrum of emotional reactions.

Although there are no preconceptions of a sociological or scientific nature, it seems impossible that this process does not intersect with those fields, either because of the inherent redundancy caused by the question itself or because of the my biological constitution. Even so, it only deals with this before treating the world, which although it carries within itself concepts of universality, serves only the purpose of describing the set of questioning objects that encourage this project.

At its formal level, this execution is governed by the versatile manipulation of various materials and techniques to take advantage of the high degree of accidentalisation, which translates redundantly through matter the same question that incites it, the process of understanding. Its character is then somewhat shifting, mutating according to the questions of greatest interest, which only later fit in with its formal description.






© Bárbara Correia

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